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Years of experience ranging from software development to Video production.

Software Development

We are providing the best solutions for every day problems. Our software solutions will solve them professionally and effectively.

Front End Web Design

Using state of the art technologies, we design web pages and web sites that most comply with good user experience.

Video Production

We have a fully equipped studio with professional cameras, audio equipment and latest computing devices

2D Animation

We are producing 2D animated videos using latest technologies and our dedicated rendering servers. Made with the sense of art.

Integrated Solutions

We provide integrated, innovative, smart and state of the art solutions.

RFID Inventory Control System

Based on the state of the art technology (RFID), we developed this solution for full inventory control for warehouses and factories.

RFID Indoor Navigation System

An innovative system integrates with the RFID Inventory Control system to ensure forklifts and equipment navigate the correct way.

EZyHomy Home Automation System

An integrated solution that integrates smart sensing with web technology. We control home appliances and lights through human motion, mobile application or web portal.

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